WPChef opens a new WordPress market

As you probably know one of the most desirable results of any business is automation of income. This means you automate as many business processes as you can and therefore freeing up more time. In the ideal situation your business will run on auto-pilot and make money for you. WPChef opens a new WordPress market in business automation.

New WordPress market for developers, superusers and companies

A lot of WordPress development companies effectively move in the direction of income automation. Here is how it works (we’ll use WordPress plugin creation in this example). Such companies don’t  create custom plugins for each customer. Instead they search WordPress realm for the most needed plugin features at a given time then create a plugin with such feature and sell it to the world. You can see how effective this approach is. You create a product (plugin) once and then get a stable income from it while selling it to multiple customers. This is an ideal scenario of course but most strive for this goal.

new WordPress market

Can WordPress setup services be automated?

Now let’s take a look at the companies that provide WordPress installation and configuration services. This is a large niche, well represented at WordPress market. Unfortunately it is hardly automated out-of-the-box. A company can’t just set up a pre-configured WordPress site and sell it. Technically it is possible though. One can set up an “image” (a WordPress site with all needed plugins, themes and configuration) and then just clone it to the customers’ sites. In reality, it is only suitable for those companies that also provide hosting and/or maintenance services, i.e. the companies providing complex services. This is were the new WordPress market opportunity is recognized.

So, does this mean that more focused companies and individual developers who only provide WordPress setup services, can’t effectively automate their income? This indeed has been the case until now! We would not be writing this article had we not have a solution 🙂

What WPChef offers for automation

WPChef allows to configure a WordPress site and export it in a lightweight JSON file format called a recipe. Technically the recipe is a set of instructions (recipe ingredients) that can be applied to any WordPress site. It is run via the WPChef plugin. For example 10 WordPress plugins can be installed and configured at the same time via a WPChef recipe. This creates a system for setting up pre-configured WordPress sites in a particular niche. The setup is then turned into a recipe and is then ready to be sold to many customers. This is similar to the the above example with plugins. In other words, you turn your installation/configuration services into a distributable product and then sell it over and over. This is exactly what income automation is all about. And this is a new market opportunity that WPChef brings to WordPress!

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