About Us

As a small group of developers and internet professionals we have been using WordPress for the past decade in various projects. We have used numerous plugins, themes and management systems for WordPress and were impressed by some but discouraged by others. One thing we’ve noticed in our own and our partners’/customers’ projects is that we often have to do the same tasks over and over.  We needed to have a better way to handle this. That is how the WPChef idea was born. We created a tool that could install plugins, themes and set up other WordPress things in bulk in seconds.

Having this tool we drastically optimized our work process and freed up a lot of time by automating a lot of installation and configuration aspects of WordPress sites. We called it WPChef because it can work with lists of different WordPress objects to automatically configure and install them. This is very similar to a cooking recipe. Having used it in our projects and realizing how effective it is we decided to share this service with you. We encourage you to sign up today and make this service part of your daily WordPress routine!