Quickly set up a new fully-functional WordPress site using a recipe

Instead of installing every plugin manually and then making sure it works with your theme. Apply a ready-to-use recipe to turn your default WordPress site into a fully-functional one where everything is compatible and not worry about testing anything or having any issues.

Always use the best plugins from the available alternatives

The WPChef recipes contain ingredients that have been tested thoroughly by its creator. No need to look for the best plugins. Just read the recipe descriptions and use the ones that look good.

Always have plugins that are compatible with each other

The recipe creators have done the testing for you, so a recipe you use will not have incompatibility issues.

Don’t waste valuable time looking for the needed plugins

A recipe will already contain the best plugins for the job which will be a huge time saver for you.

Discover new valuable plugins you’ve never heard of but are critical to your site

There are so many different WordPress plugins that it’s impossible for a regular user to know them all. There’s always a plugin that can simplify your life but you probably don’t even know it exists. By using recipes you will get a set of plugins that were selected for you by more experienced WordPress users and therefore you will get something you never thought of before.

Create instant backups of your site

Backups can be a pain depending on the size of your files and the database. WPChef take a completely different approach to backups without having to backup files and database.