Save time developing WordPress sites

Instead of installing and setting up things on your WordPress site from scratch or using a software image. Start with a brand new install and apply a WPChef recipe to it. Use the same process with deploying a site to live.

Create your own WPChef WordPress recipes with private repositories

A recipe can take the following ingredients: plugins, themes, and settings and PHP code. By having a private repository you can have your own copies of everything and even paid plugins and themes.

Take almost instant WordPress backups

Taking a recipe snapshot of a WordPress site is much faster than backing up all files and the database. The regular way can be unreliable and depending on the size of the site time out. A recipe-based backup doesn’t have these issues and is stored as a set of instructions.

Sell your WPChef recipes

This is new WordPress niche where you put your time into creating your unique recipes and then selling them and the support to the interested individuals or companies.

Advertise your skills and services

Specify your skills and what you do in your profile and people will see those on your recipes pages.