Save tons of time deploying and developing new sites

We all know how valuable time is. If you have to do the same task more than once the time is wasted. WPChef allows to minimize the waste and maximize the output. Keeping sites as recipes will drastically speed up development and deployment process.

Create and use your own private recipes

This is where you can be different from everyone else buy having your secret ingredients in your private WPChef recipes. Private recipes can be used internally within your company as well as only on your customers’ sites.

Use private repositories for plugins and themes

A WPChef recipe can easily work with custom and commercial WordPress plugins and themes that can not be uploaded to the official WordPress repository. This is what the private repositories are for.

Easily back up your sites without a need to copy database or files

Converting a WordPress site into a recipe takes seconds and then it can be applied to a default WordPress installation also in seconds.

Manage your customers sites from a centralized location

WPChef allows multiple WordPress site management from a single location in a very simple and more natural way. WordPress site management is a fairly new trend that is becoming more and more popular.

Market your company through unique recipes

By publishing recipes on that are only available to your customers you get attention from the other potential customers.